Still Spinning

Twenty-nine years old and I still don’t know what I want from life. The two quarreling personalities in my head wrestle over a desire for comfort and a drive for adventure. Unless wrangling young children at a grocery store or working a dead-end job are adventures, my life is a little lacking in that respect.Continue reading “Still Spinning”

At Cloud Level

Last week I loaded my four-year-old son into a child carrier backpack, reassured my six-year-old and eight-year-old that they were stronger than they knew, and trekked up into the high Uinta Mountains. At ground level I noticed every flower with a keenness that bordered on distraction, something I couldn’t continually give into without hindering myContinue reading “At Cloud Level”

The Humanity of Victor Frankenstein’s Creation

What makes humans distinctly different than the average animal is our capacity for self-reflection, complex thought processes, and reason. Humankind possesses complex languages, unsurpassed intellect, and abstract thought. Beyond mere brainpower, humans also have great capability for compassion and altruism. Still, all this considered, we are perhaps the only creature on earth who premeditates causingContinue reading “The Humanity of Victor Frankenstein’s Creation”

The Wasatch Front, in all its Smoggy, Smoky Glory

The Wasatch Front has been muted into dusty gray views of city and old mountains, weathered by ancient seas and canyon winds and now softened in haze of summer smoke. It’s a fishbowl. The Wasatch Mountains to the east and the Oquirrh mountains to the west trap air- and particulate- against the earth. The omnipresentContinue reading “The Wasatch Front, in all its Smoggy, Smoky Glory”

West Side Musings

In the kind of neighborhood where everyone carries a lighter, kids pass by barbecues and ask for some, unabashed, and ladies of the night walk by in the same strand as Mormon missionaries, both preying upon people whose future ended somewhere in the past. And kids who in nice neighborhoods would have been called “free-range”Continue reading “West Side Musings”

Ten Hours Out

I work ten hour shifts delivering for Amazon- ten hours, three to four times a week- and I did this all through the hottest July recorded in Utah’s history. Sometimes, in the hottest part of the day, with sweat collecting beneath my breasts and dripping, salty, from my brow into my eyes, I have wonderedContinue reading “Ten Hours Out”

The Stolen Writer

The sounds were relentless in that house. Each whine and cry reverberated against the tile, through the hallway that was really just a dark, narrow passageway through hell. The voices and the barking and the slamming of doors to some might render the house full of life, but in reality, it smothered it. The soundsContinue reading “The Stolen Writer”