Believing in Magic

When I shook off religion in favor of science, I did my best to do away with magical thinking altogether. I failed. Something innate in me has always been intrigued by the cryptic. In my early years I crouched beside the humble stream on my grandmother’s property and willed the esoteric to make itself knownContinue reading “Believing in Magic”

The Curse of the Introvert

When a person really listens to the conversations around them, that’s when they start to realize that they are disposable and strange, that no one likes the things they do, and no one is immune to the virus of awkward behavior. That’s what you see when you’re a quiet child and all around you peopleContinue reading “The Curse of the Introvert”

A Sexist Cult

I wasn’t born to be submissive, but I became that way over time. I wondered why God loved boys more than girls, men more than women, why our feelings and our names and our positions are diminished in scripture, why our beauty and ability to seduce men- as the biblical Esther did- was most important.Continue reading “A Sexist Cult”

“Digging” through generations

In 1966, distinguished poet Seamus Heaney published his contemplative poem “Digging” in his debut anthology. I shall spare you a lengthy analysis of it; I already wrote one for my class on Contemporary British Literature and feel no need to bore you here. Instead, I’ll let you read it for yourself and let it soakContinue reading ““Digging” through generations”

How I Became the Sweaty Person Dumping Envelopes on Your Doorstep

To give myself motivation to complete my schoolwork when the dark nights had me wrapped up in their folds, my body and brain depleted and eager for sleep, I would remind myself that someday my degree would allow me to work without traipsing over to Wal-Mart to beg for a minimum-wage job. I would pushContinue reading “How I Became the Sweaty Person Dumping Envelopes on Your Doorstep”

A Cult Upbringing

When I first worked up the courage to return to school six years ago, my two children were aged three and one. I had not formally worked outside the home for three years and was painfully limited in the social realm. Often, I will admit, I was so deprived of normal human interaction that IContinue reading “A Cult Upbringing”