I immerse myself in my education

to stave off the heaviness

to go to a place where I can float and life seems easy

where I have the answers 

I need

where they compile concisely in my scorebook





I go to a place where I can succeed,

where life isn’t closing in around me,

I’m not a failure anymore.

I can win here.

There’s no winning at life.

I delve into my schooling,

burrow into it

where I’ll be safe and warm and I belong. 

Where wages and inflation are mere numbers and not the difference between a good life

or not. 

Education is my den.

I bunker down beneath the surface.

Not yet ready to emerge.

If I do,

I will be naked and featherless and

the wind will chill me. 

I fear that I will fall from the nest should I ever fly away.

So I stay here.

Not a hawk, nor an eagle,

nor any other much respected creature on wings of grandeur and liberty.

Is there such a thing as liberty?

I creep beneath the ground.

I’ll stay here.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

Published by ladymaenad

I'm an ex-Mormon writer, mother of three, and lover of science, literature, and art, chronicling the paths my life has taken and the interests I have developed.

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